Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Lal Qila False Beard Mystery


Anonymous said...

What's he holding? a platted beard or moustaches?
Very intriguing!
A world apart from the West!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,
He's got a handful of matted beards, you get to attach them to your face by means of a wire. Quite a transformation. We still have no idea what they are for ... have even come across some that were dyed green!


Anonymous said...

This is marvellous stuff!
What people do to adorn themselves!!!
All the best to you,

lindsay said...

my old landlady, Aunty Gupta, said they were "for theater"

i've also been offered them at traffic lights, amidst newspapers and other trinkets. when questioned as to why, the beard seller said "for your children". having pointed out i had none, he grabbed a child beard seller and said "buy beard, take this child..." he was joking, i hasten to add.

Anonymous said...

Buy beard, get child free? Sounds typically Delhi to almost have the ring of truth about it!
Of course it'd be too obvious to assume that there's a loyal Monty Python fan club using Red Fort for their weekly meetings at which re-enactments of the stoning scene in "Life of Brian" take place?


sid said...

Yes ... I remember that Monty Python scene:



Anonymous said...

Facial foliage (as you so aptly put it... love the word play LoL) is a very important thing for most male Indians. It is something to be very proud of. In some places, the person with the most outrageous moustache is considered the most manly of men. Facial foliage is also associated with ones strength... hence you see that most Indian warriors in paintings and such being depicted with fantastic moustaches.

As for the fake beard, maybe it started out as a way to help you not be ashamed, as those without beards are seen to be weak or not manly enough... ;-)

Source: Well, I AM Indian...

Anonymous said...

Excellent points, Baron, definately a case of the Moustache makes the Man!
You don't mention if you yourself sport facial hair ... ?
And thanks for adding further fuel to the speculatory Fake Beard fire ... !