Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hair India ... official launch party!


David W. Smith said...

Great to see this epic work is finally published. Is there any way to get it from Amazon or another way for those of us who are in North America?

Anonymous said...


My name is Dustin Silgardo. I'm a staff writer with a magazine called Man's World. Was interested in doing a piece on your book. Ca you please email me at or

Lee Nyhus said...

Chris? Is that you? The same guy I met in the Philippines (Palawan) in about 1990? My name is Lee Nyhus. You were living in Hong Kong and I was on my way to Japan! Please e mail me at:

Lee Nyhus said...

PS: I was so excited to find you, I forgot to tell you, your book looks amazing!

Lee Nyhus said...

correction on the e mail address:

Rajni said...

Is your book available in New Delhi?Pls advise.

Rajni M. Vij (Ms)., Mktg & Promo

Bahri Sons / booksellers
Opp Main Gate,
Khan Market,
New Delhi – 110003.
Tel: 4610, 2469 4855
FAX:, 417 57 113;

workhard said...

Cool ...

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