Friday, January 2, 2009

A Happy & Hirsute New Year from the Hair India team!


confabulated_memorypalace said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I am trying to find a list of stockists. I am from Australia but travelling to India next month. Can you provide me with a list of bookshops in Delhi that stock this book?

Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi there from Australia,

Thanks for your enquiry about Hair India!

We are working on the distribution side of things (we've self financed the whole book, so it's not as widely distributed as one done by an established publisher). At the moment some of the bookshops in popular Khan Market (a cool area to shop in in South Delhi) are your best bet. Of the 4 bookshops in Khan, "Bahri Sons" is your best bet. Address: Opp. Main Gate, Khan Market, New Delhi 110003, Tel: 2469 4610/2469 4855

Alternatively, you call call Richard, the co-author, on 9811299700 (he is in Delhi a lot of the time and could supply you a book from our storage facility).

Have a great trip to India,


Anonymous said...

Looking for a copy of your book in South Mumbai, any ideas? Thanks.

Jennifer said...

Hi Chris,

Thanks so much for that info... unfortunately I was unable to read it before I left for my India trip. You will not believe I scourged no less than 8 Indian bookstores with no luck, if only I had tried Bahri Sons!!

I am wondering if Richard would be able to ship me a book to Australia from your storage facility? I would be happy to pay by for the book and postage, insurance etc by paypal or other method. If I could get an email address that would be great.

I am very keen to get this book for my boyfriend and I'm very sore I didn't get a copy in India!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer,

Apologies for the late reply and many thanks for your persistence in trying to get a hold of a copy of the book!

I am sure Richard would be able to post you a copy of the book, I hope it'd make it in time for your boyfriend's birthday. It'd be best to discuss with him directly about the methods of payment for book and postage.
I'll pass on your request to him.

Once again, sorry for the delay.


Hrithik's lock said...

Great stuff!
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Peter said...

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